Lack of Bankruptcy Clause Leads to No Way Out for President

The walls are closing in. To the once real estate mogul turned world leader it must feel akin to sharks circling for a hostile takeover, but in reality they are the walls of President Trump’s own engineering, perhaps the only ones he will ever be able to build.

The rumors abound—the president is snapping at people, bodies are falling left and right. Next he’ll be speaking to portraits of the great leaders that line the White House corridors and, whether or not they speak back, Trump will refuse to listen.

In a knee-jerk effort to explain the absolute catastrophe of Trump’s administration supporters point out that Trump is new, “Give him a chance” they chant. But Trump’s behavior is not one of inexperience, but rather of hubris, arrogance and contempt for anyone or anything outside of the immediate Trump brand. Surely his advisors would coach him, place and then keep him on the right track, but the first step in resolving any problem is the acknowledgment that one exists, and this is where Trump the man, not the politician, falls short.

“It’s been said a good con-man can sneak out of town, while a great con-man can leave anytime he chooses.”

By now, Trump should understand the role of a leader, and in this journey perhaps a person with a greater level of emotional intelligence might have come to a better understanding of self. Perhaps by now anyone else would have realized that his own words are hyperbole, Trump did not “immediately repeal and replace Obamacare”. It was a lie. He was dreaming the impossible dream. Not one of his major campaign promises have come to fruition, least of all the “Travel Ban”. What ever became of the wall that Mexico was going to pay for in order to keep Americans safe? No, Trump was never a hero, nor the shinning knight he believed himself to be and in so believing, others desperate for emancipation followed him unto the breach. It’s been said a good con-man can sneak out of town, while a great con-man can leave anytime he chooses. The president, on this point, must make a decision.

“He has recently weakened American ties to allies with his sharp criticism of London’s Mayor Khan.”

His presidency is in jeopardy with the lowest approval rating of any president so early in what may turn out to be a short tenure. Even his core base will eventually understand they’ve been had. The recent testimony from the ex-FBI director James Comey wounded Trump politically. Trump and/or his administration is being investigated by a special prosecutor, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who has been given carte blanche to follow the trail, any trail, where ever it may lead. Recently there has been a cry from the Senate Judiciary Committee for yet another investigation, this time in regard to Trump and obstruction of justice. The list of investigations continue.

The president is under siege not from a foreign government, but rather his own. He has recently weakened American ties to allies with his sharp criticism of London’s Mayor Khan, the snubbing of world leaders by refusing to take part in the Paris accord leaving Americans and clean energy jobs behind. The coal miners will continue mining coal and as the black-lung disease continues to afflict their numbers, there may be no safety net as the “repeal and replace” still has not occurred.

“For the Don, there is no honorable way out of this one.”

Does it even matter to Trump who once stated that he intended to wait until Obamacare “explodes” before taking further action on healthcare reform, a reminder that Trump made his money helping himself, not people. Here is a man who sold the nation on the promise of draining the very swamp he has become mired in himself.
For the Don, there is no honorable way out of this one. I imagine he and his advisors are reviewing the fine print of his presidential “contract” looking for an exit clause. But it won’t be as easy as rubber stamping Execute Orders, nor dispatching his political mouthpieces, Spicer and Conway to engage in “slight of hand” oration. This time he may have to settle for impeachment, if nothing else it will give Trump yet another excuse to play the victim, but only as a last resort. In the past when times were tough he declared bankruptcy, no less than six times, similar to the Roman strategy of poisoning the wells upon retreat. In short, if Trump can’t have something, someone else will. But unfortunate for this president there is no bankruptcy clause in the Constitution of the United States. Americans are not simply a form of currency with which to trade or barter. So for this besieged business man there does not seem to be any escape other than to resign, or to do the unthinkable—become presidential. Really, really, fast.

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