Trump’s “Mad Dog” Antics Earn Him Timeout in the Pound or the Lady Vanishes

WARNING: This article will intentionally misdirect you.

If you’re like most people, over the last week you’ve been looking at the wrong thing. Thinking the wrong thoughts, tuning into the wrong programs. Democrats have shouted for Trump’s impeachment or at very least his resignation. Even Republicans have leveled criticism at their leader. If this has been the object of your attention, again, with due respect, you’ve been looking at the wrong thing. Rather like the intentional misnaming of this article, Trump’s actions are simply misdirection. This article has little to do with “mad dogs” or Trump in the “pound”. I’ve lied to you. The title was the bait, so now here’s the switch. Last week there were no less than six newsworthy events that Trump has intentionally buried, all of which affect Americans.  Sadly, many media outlets have become the unknowing confederates in Trump’s shell game. I ask you, where better to ditch what you don’t want seen than in the middle of storm of your own making?

June 29, 2017 at 5:52 am Trump’s sent his first tweet setting the stage for misdirection. By now you’ve read them both. Now forget about them. They’re not the real headlines. That morning the Wall Street Journal published an article stating that there may be proof behind the allegations of collusion or attempted collusion between Russia and Americans during the 2016 presidential election. The news story involved past National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The article stated that when questioned about the allegations, the White House refused to comment, which means that the White House had been asked about the article prior to its release. In other words, the president had the heads up. He didn’t want you seeing the article.

That was also the day the White House announced that Trump would be meeting with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin in a special meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Strange that a special meeting should be scheduled amidst claims that Russia hacked and interfered with many elections over the last few years, one of them being the U.S. election in 2016 that may very well have helped to place Trump in the White House. This is exactly what the president didn’t want you thinking about.

“According to a CNN Report published that day, it was estimated that 32 million people would lose coverage if Obamacare was repealed without a replacement.”

This the same day that the president announced two pieces of legislation, popular to his base, but less so to most Americans. The first, Kate’s Law, increased criminal penalties for illegal immigrants who repeatedly re-enter the country illegally. The second bill, No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, legislation which basically moves to defund sanctuary cities in an attempt to eliminate them altogether.

On day two of the misdirection the president tweeted that if Republican Senators can’t pass the health care bill, they should first repeal Obamacare and then replace later. How much later was never tweeted. The president’s proposal contradicted his televised interview of November 13, 2016, when the then president-elect stated, “We’re going to do it [repeal and replace Obamacare] simultaneously.” A CNN Report published that day,  estimated that 32 million people would lose coverage if Obamacare was repealed without a replacement.

The president ditched the fact that in spite of having control of the House, the Republicans remain unable to build consensus within their own party in regard to the health care bill. In other words Trump’s Republicans refuse to vote for a bill that they could pass in the absence of a single Democratic vote.

Perhaps it was Trump’s channeling of illusionist David Copperfield who once vanished the Statue of Liberty, that provided the inspiration for Trump’s greatest illusion to date. Lost in the frenzy and fervor of his latest Twitter screen, most people and even some media outlets missed the implementation of Trump’s Supreme Court “modified” travel ban. Trump has interpreted and implemented the ban in a manner that may be inconsistent with that of the Supreme Court. According to Trump, a “bona fide relationship” excludes grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and relatives. While most would argue, particularly those from Muslim countries, these relatives constitute a “close familial relationship”, Trump does not. I’m sure magicians and most people would agree that vanishing liberty is not an easy trick to pull off. Hawaii has already filed an emergency injunction on behalf of the banned family members. All this while the tweets continued to shock, upset and astound to the point of distraction.

When observing Trump one must turn off the sound. Slow down what you think you are seeing. Realize, whether purposefully or not, these are all skillfully executed tricks, the shiny silver pocket watch on the chain that will make you sleepy if you stare at it. Don’t be distracted by showmanship. Be frightened and remain skeptical of his actions confident that his Jedi mind tricks will only take him so far once the audience catches on. But will enough of us catch on before the lady vanishes? Perhaps this time for good.




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