Trump’s Greatest Failure…is not Healthcare

Donald Trump has once again failed in his efforts to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare, even the Republican’s “skinny version” in spite of the Republican’s grip on the House and the Senate. Trump claims the Democrats are obstructionist, as Trump stated he was “not going to own” the failure of the this most recent bill. In spite of Trump’s blustering, the self-proclaimed “deal maker” remains unable to build consensus even within his own party.

For the third time in Trump’s presidency, his official position according to his early morning tweet will be to wait until ObamaCare “implode, then deal. Watch.” This approach is a form of extortion very rarely seen at this level in politics, no different from Trump’s failures to pass the healthcare bill in the past. No different from Trump threatened the government shut down when his budget demands for the border wall met opposition. Each time he continues to blink.

“Mr. Trump has not yet learned, that he cannot run a country like a corporation.”

But Trump’s many political shortcomings have very little to do with Democrats or even Republicans. They are direct results of one irrefutable truth that Mr. Trump has not yet learned, that he cannot run a country like a corporation. Trump still believes he can. He believes he still sits atop the corporate ladder, ruminating on Stephen Miller’s words proclaiming that the president’s power “will not be questioned”. When faced with a contrary opinion, the president simply gathers his toys and goes home.

Mr. Trump is simply not adapting to his new role as the president of the United States, and his inability to change his approach is perhaps his greatest failure.

Trump is a man who is used to having his own way, whether being put in charge of his first million dollars lent to him by his father, or being the star of the reality show that made him a household brand and thereby placing him within striking distance of the Oval office. “You’re fired!” Those are strong words. Say them with me out loud. “You’re fired!” Feel the power of the Dark Side. Yeah, powerful stuff.

Trump resolutely continues to run the country like a CEO, catering to his stockholders, in this case, his base of 38%. He makes his decisions based on this minority, not understanding, that unlike a corporation, he is not only responsible for the stockholder, but for everyone else. He sends tweets as if news bulletins, he holds campaign style rallies as if stockholder meetings warning everyone not to listen to the competition, they’re only there to lower the stocks. Trump will tell lies if he needs to, and his base will believe them in order to protect their own interests, confident that wishing might some how make it true. The president and his base need each other, while the rest of the world waits for what the president will tweet next.

“You cannot browbeat or bully seasoned senators into consensus…”

During corporate negotiations you can hold products for ransom, use commodities as leverage, and although this may be part of your political strategy, it can’t be the entire enchilada. There also needs to be a certain amount of negotiation, give and take. You cannot browbeat or bully seasoned senators into consensus. Trump still doesn’t get it.

When Obama introduced healthcare, it was like a key tethered to the end of a kite string. Obama took that kite and string and key everywhere—public consultations, news briefs, the Senate itself. The nation knew what was in the bill, not everyone liked it but at least everyone could discuss it. Then one day Obama’s lighting struck, and a nation had healthcare. Not perfect, but better than before.

“When I think of Trump I think of the neighborhood tough kid, we’ve all seen him.”

When I think of Trump I think of the neighborhood tough kid, we’ve all seen him. The one who sits waiting on his banana-seat bike at the top of the street, waiting for his next victim. The tough kid, the one who wouldn’t think twice about calling Mexicans rapists, or engaging in locker room banter outside of the locker room. Yet, it’s this same kid who sadly wants to be liked and complains when he’s shunned.

It will take strength of character for Trump to admit that he has been wrong in his approach, for him to look out over America one dark winter’s night and understand that he is responsible for each and every light that shines brightly or dimly across the nation. Yes, for the migrant workers, the undocumented, the rich and the poor, for people of all nationalities, religious beliefs and genders. The strongest leaders in history have been the ones who have conquered their own inadequacies. If this is what Donald J. Trump can become, if this is what he dares to aspire to, then this is when he will become presidential. This will make America great again after having suffered thus far under his CEO leadership.

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