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The blood in the hallways of Santa Fe High School is no doubt as crimson as the reality of the present administration. This is not hyperbole, but fact. America is beyond arms reach, arguably ideologically isolated from ally countries by Trump’s leadership. Trump the candidate had promised to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, a promise he unceremoniously fulfilled earlier this month, in doing so destabilized the area and ejected the United States from being considered a fair broker in any negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

While on the campaign trail Trump also promised to increase veterans’ health care. A promise largely unfulfilled. And what about his presidential promise of the war against opioids? It’s been almost seven months since he declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency with no measurable action or gains, instead Mr. Trump prefers to declare war against the media that reports his blunders, the U.S. Post Office, and the world in general. Top of his list remains the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who continues to indict those connected to Trump. Some already pleading guilty.

The president has waded into murky and uncharted waters, far deeper than any other president. Out there, he remains alone but for his base and the political and personal issues that continue to weight him down. The most relevant issue in the last 72 hours is that of gun violence. To most Americans, Democrats and Republicans, the recent disclosure that more American school kids have been killed in mass shootings in 2018 than active military deaths should be sobering. The president does not understand that the real war, the existential imperative is not against North Korea, nor the press, but against the propensity for Americans to gun down other Americans under protection of the America’s Second Amendment. I will repeat a quote from an article published in March of this year. “On March 24, 2018, when the kids came to Washington the president ran away…just as fast as his Chicken Little legs could take him.”

The president runs away avoiding interviews other than on Trump-friendly programs like Fox and Friends. Trump shares the same lawyer as Fox anchor, and waver of the Trump banner, Sean Hannity. Trump hides incredulously behind the once large stature of Rudy Giuliani who now attempts to deflect legitimate questions with his legal bracelets, ala Diana Prince. But the president is tiring, we see it in his arms, in his attitude. We see the frustration in his tweets. While each and every campaign style rally rejuvenates him, he must eventually return to Washington, the swamp of his own making—still not drained. The president is desperate as he deflects with his bald allegations, most recently relating to Obama. Trump is the dangerous type, the kind to pull others under to keep him afloat. Rescuers beware. Michel Cohen beware. Rudy Giuliani has shown himself to be a tired Stallion to be lead back to the pasture. He’s no longer the leader who rallied New Yorkers and the world at large after 911, nor the prosecutor seeking justice. No, his time is no longer. Beware.

Shortly after the Stoneman Douglas shooting, I wrote an article giving Mr. Trump credit for listening, defending him as he held a cribbed note from between his fingers with his monogrammed presidential sleeves displaying 45.

I believed Trump was earnest that day, but things in Trumpland change quickly and shortly thereafter, he was promising the NRA that he would not take their guns away. Trump continues to build the ultimate Straw man, a false premise. Americans don’t want to take guns away, but they do want something better than the system that continues to support the murder their children. Is there a chance that both can exist as they do in other countries such as Canada? But not in Trumpland where the president, forever that blunt and heavy instrument, simply cannot navigate between those to continents.

It is 72 hours since Friday’s shooting. The nation is once again filled with hopes, prayers, and tears, rather than their children. The president reboots the substantially identical rhetorical speech as previous. I could write yet another substantially identical article talking about the screams, the abject horror, the legacy of violence that our kids have experienced, but the president knows all of this. The NRA knows all of this. The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick who spun the hypothesis that having less exits and entrances would have saved lives, he knows all of this. I repeat what I had previously written, “All of this has happened before and will happen again.”

The ante continues to be raised. The president is drowning and pulling the rest of America down with him, in his grasp our children struggling to escape their duty-dance with death.



k.g. Sambrano is a Canadian writer known for his works of literary fiction and poetry, and is an occasional freelance political writer. His latest book, Trump- the First 365 Days: America’s Fight for America was released on February 20, 2018.



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