Opinion | Why Donald J. Trump Continues to “Win”

The latest poll indicates that President Donald J. Trump’s approval rating has improved over the last few months. Why? Booming economy aside, as much as I hate to say it, Trump makes politics fun, at least for his voters.

Trump is a salesperson who handily exploits the innate behaviour of human beings—the propensity towards laziness. We have Siri’s voice helping us with our math, our directions, our memory,  and we now have Trump doing likewise.

Trump inoculates himself and others from the truth by simplifying complex issues, changing the narrative, and of late, simply lies outright, knowing often people will believe things that are repeated loudly and strenuously enough. In other words people are too lazy to “not” believe his rants or his tweets. Trump is his own downloadable voting app. His administration manufactures and disseminates self-interest conspiracy theories waging a counter-truth campaign against mainstream news, and Trump’s base loves it. Trump who has positioned himself as the champion of the everyday person, is lauded by his fans anytime he challenges the norms regardless of outcome. He brands issues and assigns flamboyant names like “Fake News” “Witch Hunt” “Spygate” repeating them until they become part of the everyday parlance, in his attempt to dismantle any credibility of the ongoing investigation into Trump-Russia et al. The latest news, as reflected in the polls suggest the strategy is working.

Trump’s messaging connects dots with total disregard for any of the points in-between: if an American no longer has a job, it’s because an illegal immigrant stole it from her, as well as her purse.  If NFL players are kneeling for the National Anthem, it’s because they don’t respect America. If Trump is being investigated, it it because Hillary Clinton lost the election. Rudy Giuliani has recently suggested that Trump’s fate may not ultimately be determined in the courtroom of America, but rather in the living rooms and Twitterverse of public opinion.

Trump’s base doesn’t stop to ask how bailing out the Chinese company, ZTE Corp. will help the average American, or why Trump has suddenly pivoted in regard to sanctions on Qatar, whose government while initially refusing to invest in the Trump organization, has recently changed their minds.

Obama also made politics fun, but in a different way. Obama both inspired and angered some voters by becoming a testimony to American progress and equality. He gave voters a dream and motivated people to take action by his words and his deeds. I was once told by a senior salesperson that at the outset of any sale, facts don’t matter to people. People will make their decision, then justify the purchase afterwards. As for the Democrats, thus far they simply lack any leaders that can bark a message with the same efficacy as Trump. Democrats’ facts and statistics approach won’t ever sway a Trump voter, as his base is comprised of emotional buyers.

In order to dislodge Trump from the White House, the Democrats must either connect with Trump’s base on their level, or amass an even larger following than that of Trump’s. Until then, Trump continues with his Siri style approach to politics, and to the chagrin of the Democrats, he continues to win.


k.g. Sambrano is a Canadian writer known for his works of literary fiction and poetry, and is an occasional freelance political writer. His latest book, Trump- the First 365 Days: America’s Fight for America was released on February 20, 2018.


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