Opinion | Donald Trump’s World War Zed: the Imagined Crisis at the Southern Border

It may have been the caffeine that kept me tossing in bed, heart pounding between the sheets. Then the sudden horror—the vision of hordes of illegals climbing walls, pillaging, murdering! Sadly, it wasn’t the caffeine, but rather the incarnation of Trump’s border “crisis” coupled with the immutable fact that Donald J. Trump continues to lie.

Let’s cut to the chase. The wall is a campaign promise. After his bigly loss in the midterms, the wall quickly became his last best hope to maintain  his base. On the other side of the issue, are Democrats such as newly elected and alumnus to the position, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Shcumer who recognize giving in to Trump is a deadly maneuver. By holding out, they deal a massive blow to Trump’s ego and his already beleaguered presidency. Make no mistake, they are thinking 2020 and they’re trolling for blood.

Trump’s vitriol continues unchallenged by his supporters, including many commentators on Fox News. Trump supporters seem to only really care about one thing—the size of the explosion Trump can create in Washington on any given hour. Reminiscent of the Gulf War, each time a Patriot missile exploded near a Scud, Americans applauded. The Patriot didn’t need to intercept the missile as long as it made a flamboyant attempt. If you believe I’ve stretched that analogy, please look up Baghdad Bob, whose penchant for bold-faced lies made him the proverbial punching bag of the press. Sarah Sanders and Kelly Ann Conway may now take their places among the best of the best. While Trump’s daily twitter bombs continue to explode, his primary concern remains his popularity. Yes, Trump feeds on his presidency like disease on a rotting administration.

For the rational person, the wall is a prop on the level of the “deep state” that Fox News so often touts, and as such, any deal that includes the wall is a non-starter for the Democrats, an issue as dead as the army of zombies in Hollywood’s World War Z. But as if wandering mindlessly through a barren White House, Trump continues to ignore the most recent referendum on his presidency, also known as the midterm election when the Democrats flipped 40 seats to control the House. The wall continues to survive as nothing more than a feckless campaign promise to which Trump supporters cling, Trump recognizing that the wall may be the only thing that keeps them hanging onto his presidency. It is the same wall behind which Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham continue to cower. Conveniently ignored by Trump is a recent statistic indicating the true invaders of the United States is Canada with over 119,000 Canadians having politely over stayed their visas in 2016.

Trump has always suffered from a sort of myopia in all areas of his life, often focused on the wrong things at the right time—the repercussion of which include six bankruptcies and alleged indiscretions that include a Playboy Playmate and an adult film star while he was married. He has built a brand from the ashes of these failures, and that is what has been toted to the American people. It took the presidency to unmask him, and now multiple investigations continue to drill down to the empty skin and bones of Trump’s leadership, and the moral bankruptcy, never before seen in any American leader.

Let’s be clear about Trump’s cacophony of lies: there are no illegals scaling any fences or barriers. No reports of human trafficking from the southern border. While Trump fixates on his wall, he continues to ignore the real crises: the plight of veterans, the opioid crisis that has killed more American’s than any illegal, the children who died in his custody and the families who remain separated. Trump’s authoritarian democracy stands in sharp contrast to his recent address from the Oval Office where for the first time the nation heard the words “heart” and “soul” neither of which have ever been attributed to Trump or any of his polices.

Trump lies, and this last week was simply his latest incarnation, his World War Z, his lasting monument, no better, no greater or more tangible than his imaginary wall for his imaginary crisis, befitting of his imaginary presidency.


k.g. Sambrano is a Canadian writer known for his works of literary fiction and poetry, and is an occasional freelance political writer. His latest book, Trump- the First 365 Days: America’s Fight for America was released on February 20, 2018.


2 thoughts on “Opinion | Donald Trump’s World War Zed: the Imagined Crisis at the Southern Border

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