OPINION | Giuliani Becomes Trump’s Crime Fighter for Truth, as Relative as That May Be

Trump may not be a genius, but he knows enough to surround himself with people he trusts, if not necessarily trustworthy people. Of late, we’ve heard whispers of Bannon being consulted along with John Kelly and Stephen Miller. Trump is not working alone.

We see this evidenced in some carefully worded tweets, and of course in the recent hiring and subsequent publicity tour of New York City’s ex-mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani was chosen for three reasons:

1. Giuliani has established “street cred” having been New Yorker’s Mayor during 911.
2. Giuliani was formerly a U.S. prosecutor waging war against organized crime.
3. Giuliani, at 74 years of age, looks harmless, can be affable, and can spin webs of conspiracy and distraction with the same dexterity and wanton abandon as Peter Parker dangling upside down from Trump Tower.

Last week, Giuliani admitted that the name of the game is that of public opinion. If it is true that no sitting president can be indicted, then it remains for Mueller to submit his findings to Congress, and for the House to either recommend or decline to begin the impeachment process. In other words, a win in the arena of public opinion is what the president and Giuliani are seeking.

Like most Trump offensives, this latest effort is both crude and well…offensive. On the most part, Trump has managed to change the narratives of the day—the Stormy Daniels news cycle is now on hiatus along with that of lost children, new border policies, and the updated death toll from Puerto Rico’s hurricane Maria. These Trump “bad press” stories have been buried beneath the announcement of Trump’s tariffs against Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

Trump continues to dispatch Giuliani, like Zeus sending forth Hermes, at times tripping and falling on his sword, but most times acting as that of messenger and lawyerly distraction. Although much of what Giuliani says in his many interviews may not be true, it doesn’t matter, as he’s not on trial, nor is he under oath, nor any legal obligation to tell the truth. Knowing this, he continues to spread legal rhetoric and legal misinformation in an obvious effort to dismantle the truth of the many issues plaguing the president. And if the president’s latest polls are any measure of Giuliani’s success, then Trump’s new “crime fighter” for truth seems to be working.


k.g. Sambrano is a Canadian writer known for his works of literary fiction and poetry, and is an occasional freelance political writer. His latest book, Trump- the First 365 Days: America’s Fight for America was released on February 20, 2018.


Opinion | Why Donald J. Trump Continues to “Win”

The latest poll indicates that President Donald J. Trump’s approval rating has improved over the last few months. Why? Booming economy aside, as much as I hate to say it, Trump makes politics fun, at least for his voters.

Trump is a salesperson who handily exploits the innate behaviour of human beings—the propensity towards laziness. We have Siri’s voice helping us with our math, our directions, our memory,  and we now have Trump doing likewise.

Trump inoculates himself and others from the truth by simplifying complex issues, changing the narrative, and of late simply lies outright, knowing often people will believe things that are repeated loudly enough, and strenuously enough. If people are too “lazy” to dig further, they believe his rants.  Trump is his own downloadable voting app. His administration manufactures and disseminates self-interest conspiracy theories waging a counter-truth campaign against mainstream news outlets, and Trump’s base loves it. Trump who has positioned himself as the champion of the everyday person, is lauded by his fans anytime he challenges the norms regardless of consequences. He brands issues and assigns flamboyant names like “Fake News” “Witch Hunt” “Spygate” repeating them until they become part of the everyday parlance, and serves to dismantle any credibility of the ongoing investigation into Trump-Russia et al. latest polls suggest the strategy is working.

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Would You Like a Side of Collusion with Your Nothing Burger?

Jared Kushner to appear before Senate Intelligence Committee Monday

“…If the president put Russian salad dressing  on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russian connection,” White House spokesperson Sean Spicer once quipped. Yes, “this Russia thing” seems to be all about food of one kind of another. With this in mind, the latest White House scandal involving Donald Trump Jr. and his contact with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer with links to the Kremlin, is not the “nothing burger” the Republicans would have many believe.

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The Comey Before the Storm: a Question of Truths

As Former FBI agent James Comey sat before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, there existed one irrefutable fact: Mr. Comey possessed something that neither Trump nor his administration would ever possess…integrity. Comey’s testimony was sincere, admirable, and whether meaning for it to be or not, it was deadly to Trump’s presidency.

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