Opinion | Heroes, Villains and Coal miners: Trump’s War On Progress


On some level, Donald Trump really does see himself as the hero—white hat, steed and all. As a one-time newbie candidate without a platform, it was not coincidental that Trump adopted the Populist approach, one that appealed to the “average” American. His stance on immigration, transgender persons in the military, and most recently his Tax Reform Bill, remains unpopular with the majority of Americans, yet these policies are the white horse upon which Trump believes himself to ride. And the platform that allows him to maintain his political base.

In the New Times interview of July 2017, reporter Maggie Haberman shared a quaint anecdote where Trump’s granddaughter, Arabella, visited the Oval Office during the interview. The interaction between grandfather and granddaughter became a defining moment far beyond anything else he has done, not so much as president, but as a person.

Let me be clear, Trump does not want to be the villain. This is not surprising, as the most poignant villains in literature, film and history, always believe they are fighting for a noble cause.

But this article isn’t so much about heroes and villains, but rather about Trump’s promises, the part of America he courted and then left at the altar. Continue reading “Opinion | Heroes, Villains and Coal miners: Trump’s War On Progress”

Did Hollywood Anticipate Trump’s Paris Accord Debacle…twice?

Trump Climate Accord Speech Rose Garden

In 1951 Robert Wise directed the first incarnation of The Day the Earth Stood Still. If you’re as old as me, you may have seen it years later, perhaps late night on your parents’ TV set after everyone had gone to bed. Regardless, it would have given you chills.

A spaceship with single alien and giant robot protector lands in Washington D.C., explaining that due to the human races’ progress in atomic energy we have now become a danger to the universe and ourselves. The alien warns us that if we do not change our ways, we are doomed to extinction either at our own hands or through theirs. Fiction quickly became fact some 12 years later amidst the Cuban Missile Crisis when Continue reading “Did Hollywood Anticipate Trump’s Paris Accord Debacle…twice?”